Three Oxford Lab Products That are Ideal for Performing ELISA Assays

Posted by Andrew on Oct 18, 2018 7:03:21 AM

When you are running your ELISAs and biological assays on multi-well plates, you need the best equipment available to you. The right products will not only ensure you get reliable and repeatable results every time, but they will also minimize your time spent at the bench. Below are three great products from Oxford that can be of enormous assistance when performing multi-well plate assays. Check them out below and see how we can improve your ELISA performance today!


BenchMate Electronic Pipette

The BenchMate Electronic Pipette has a ton of fantastic features that are of great assistance in all aspects of liquid handling in the lab. When it comes to plating up your ELISA assays, the multi-dispensing mode will save you a great deal of time in comparison to a classical manual pipette.

Key Features for ELISA:
  • Intuitive graphic interface.
  • Useful modes of pipetting for ELISA (5 in total):
    • Multi-Dispensing.
    • Mixing.
  • High-performance stepper motor for consistent and repeatable results.
  • Lightweight and ultra-ergonomic design.

BenchMate S4P-D Four Plate Shaker

The BenchMate S4P-D Plate Shaker will increase your throughput during incubation steps. Being able to shake four plates at one time means that your can run more assays simultaneously.

Key Features for ELISA:
  • Consistent motion across the shaker.
  • No hot-spots – The brush-less DC motor does not generate heat and is not in contact with the shaker platform.

BenchMate Conical Tubes

Our BenchMate Conical Tubes are the perfect economical conical tubes for preparing the solutions and buffers necessary for running your ELISA assays.

Key Features for ELISA:
  • Clear graduation markings for making small volumes of buffer.
  • Leak proof cap for increased safety.
  • Ridged, easy grip cap for single-handed opening and closing.
  • Large writing area for easy tube identification.

Add these products to your ELISA workflow today and reap the benefits!

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